Who We Are

Clifford H. Christ, born on September 7, 1919 was an inspiration to young and old.  Clifford graduated from high school in 1939 and then from A&M College at Stillwater in 1942 with a Major in Animal Husbandry.  Clifford got started in the Angus business in 1944 with his first Angus cow, Angus Valley Barbarosa.  He started off with 160 acres of land and built Angus Valley Ranch in Wewoka, Oklahoma from pure inspiration.  If you asked him about it, he’d described each cow by pedigree and age, and tell you how many calves they’d had.  He knew every cow like the back side of his hand.  Not just every cow he had at the present, but every cow he’d ever had.

When other people would spend Sunday fishing, Clifford’s favorite thing to do was to walk through his herd to check the cattle and do chores.  Clifford Christ was not only an Angus breeder, but also inspired his students in the clasroom.  He was President of the Oklahoma Vocational Agriculture Association from 1970-1971 and taught Vocational Agriculture at Wewoka High School from 1944-1982. In 1998 he received an Honorary State FFA Degree.  He also was a member of the National Agriculture Teacher’s Association.

Clifford, commonly referred to as “Pappy” was just what his name described.  He was a pappy to everyone in Seminole County, young and old.  He was a man that has knowledge and wisdom of the land which is hard to come by in today’s world.  He wasn’t afraid to get his own hands dirty, so when he told you something, you knew he had already tried it himself. You could sense the experience in each piece of wisdom as it came out of h is mouth.  Pappy left this world in February 2004. But his legacy is carried on through his son David H. Christ.

David Christ is and Agriculture Instructor at the local high school.  David has taught Ag for over 34 years carrying on his father’s legacy.  Clifford taught for 40 years, 38 of those were taught here at the local high school.  David has taught for 27 years at the same school as his father.